About Us

Jason Harley

Owner & Fitness Trainer


Overcoming his own struggles with weight and losing over 65 lbs, Jason knows first hand the challenges one goes through when starting the fitness journey.  "The hardest part is realizing you are not where you want to be physically and deciding that you have to do something different in order to make a lasting change."  He is passionate about providing a fun approach to fitness that makes his clients looking forward to their sessions because they love it and they are also getting the results they set for themselves.

Our Vision:

The Summit Fitness Studio meets clients’ goals and needs by offering safe and progressive training programs for everyone. Clients are successful…as are we…when they have learned what it means to experience a lifetime of balanced, healthy lives. Our unique, personal studio setting provides clients with an intimidation-free atmosphere in contrast to larger corporate gyms. Working out at our studio is almost like climbing a pristine, alpine mountain with just you and your trainer on the trail!

The Summit offers a holistic approach to health by addressing each client’s cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility, desired weight goal and nutritional well-being.


Our mission:

The Summit Fitness Studio accomplishes its vision by engaging fitness professionals who are passionate about hiking side-by-side with their clients and motivating them to better their health outlook by reaching new heights.

Utilizing a thorough assessment at the beginning and throughout the process to determine the best-individualized trail map, the results our clients realize are the indicator of our combined success. We reach the top together.

Creating programs that both challenge and motivate our clients to achieve new fitness Summits is what we’re all about. Everyone is welcome…all ages, genders, and abilities… Individuals, couples, and groups.

Please…give us a call and come in to see for yourself why The Summit Fitness Studio in Fulshear is the place in West Houston to meet your health and fitness goals.